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About us

Nowadays, life in cities becomes more and more crowded and we who live in the reinforced concrete jungle are always under the pressure of pollution and congestion.

While Kernell developed a new method of its own to achieve electric travel which makes the “Jungle” tour interesting again.

We believe that simplicity is beauty, which helps us gain inspiration from minimalist scooter models. We use the latest and coolest technology to make models more simple and beautiful, which can always let you enjoy the fun of travel time.

The first kernell kick scooter is  intelligent and foldable with the feature of dexterity and handiness that provides a more convenient choice for people’s travel. It is extremely suitable for busy people who still pursue the details of life in the city.

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We mainly provide:


The scooter uses two rounds with light design and it is easy cross any streets or alleys to bring you a happy and pollution-free riding experience. However, this is just the beginning. We are still pursuing and striving to build riding products which meet the future needs.

Let’s ride together! Freely shuttle streets and lanes far away from trivial troubles and spare time to the most important things. Grasp the rhythm, capricious fate and feel the pulse of the city. Whether you are alone or accompanied bu friends, Kernell can always give you a way of joy. Enjoy the ride, enjoy life.