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the outer label of the cosmetic is also very diverse

2017/6/12 16:09:52

the outer label of the cosmetic is also very diverse

First of all cosmetic bottles type styles are very diverse, material covered are diverse, this cosmetics bottle recycling a lot of the same. For cosmetic bottles of various materials, cosmetic bottles need to be broken, then the pickup must be, this is a huge workload, increases a lot of labor costs. To the diverse styles of cosmetic bottles, if you used to fill new cosmetics must be sorted to suit different production lines. In other words, cosmetic appearance while enriching the diversity of packaging markets, recycling is a big problem. Secondly, the outer label of the cosmetic is also very diverse, some take the form of screen printing, in fact, you need to remove the tag, this will remove the tag adds a great deal of difficulty. Finally, cosmetic bottles recycling needs the support of production, existing cosmetic packaging line needs improvement, this is a big expense.

Cosmetic bottles recycling there is a great deal of difficulty and detail, need to be targeted to solve, but cosmetic bottles recycled to achieve, also will be able to drink bring enormous economic benefits to the environment.

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